Fish In The Dish Spice Kit




Six spices and blends with 8 great recipes for those who love seafood – in an underwater-blue box. Fish has gained new desirability since the discovery of its health benefits in the face of cholesterol-related heart disease. So we look beyond the old favourite fish and chips to some delicious and innovative ways to include fish in your diet with the maximum of enjoyment. Whether you’re looking for a light, fresh treatment or big hearty flavour, you’re going to love these spicy recipes!

Spice Kit Contains:

With additional recipes for:

  • Aromatic Fish Curry
  • Ocean Trout with Australian Spices
  • Kuwaiti Fish Stew
  • Cochin Barbecued Seafood
  • Cambodian Fish Amok
  • Tuna Croquettes
  • Snapper & Tufu in Clear Soup
  • Kuwaiti Fish Stew



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