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Korean Red Pepper Flakes

Gocharu - Kimchi Chilli



Fruity, capsicum-like mild red chilli (pepper) flakes used in Korean Cuisine and for making Kimchi.

Other Common Names

Korean Chilli Flakes, Gochugaru, Gocharu, Kimchi Chilli. (Capsicum annuum)

Description & Use

The warm fruity flavour and mild chilli heat of these red pepper flakes makes this unique spice a versatile addition to most savoury dishes. Sprinkle on pizzas and pasta, add to scrambled eggs and omelettes and even sprinkle over salads. May be used as a substitute for Alleppo pepper in recipes. Traditionally used for making kimchi. Each 40g pack contains approximately 4.5 Tablespoons (20mL).

Why the real article?

Can you describe what it is to be Australian?  To us it’s the feeling you have when you see a boomerang fashioned from flimsy balsawood, made in some cheap-labour offshore country, for tourists to buy for a pittance and take home as a “genuine” Australian article.  The same feeling of outrage and violation is felt by Koreans when their beloved Kimchi is made using inferior, imported products to ensure a cheaper cost to consumers, bringing the entire Korean Kimchi image into disrepute.  The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in Korea has revised their “Kimchi Industry Promotion Act” to legislate that true Korean Kimchi must be made from Korean-grown ingredients.  Why are we telling you this?  It’s to explain why our Korean Red Pepper Flakes, grown in Korea, are more expensive than some others you may find in the market place.  It’s your choice – have the genuine ones from Herbie’s, or make do with the lesser product.

Produce of Korea packed in Australia

Heat Level

  • 5 out of 10



Nutritional Information
Per 100g
Energy (kj) 1209
Protein (g) 14.6
Fat (g) Total 12.9
Carbohydrate (g) 55.7
Sodium (mg) 34
Dietary Fibre (g) 20.9
Potassium (mg) 2344

Korean Red Pepper Flakes Recipes

Bloody Mary Seafood

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