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Dagar Phool

Black Stone Flower



Dagar Phool, is an exotic lichen also known as Black Stone Flower, Dagarful, Kalpasi, Kallupachi or Dagar da Phool, used in Indian foods. You will notice small strands with the larger pieces of moss. These are part of Dagar Phool. Since it is lichen, it grows mainly on the bark of trees. These strands are the base of Dagar Phool which grows on the bark. Sometimes you may have the pieces of bark of the wood stuck along with this. However most of these are usually removed during cleaning.

Other Common Names

Dagarful, Black Stone Flower, Kalpasi, Kallupachi, Dagar da Phool, Patthar Ke Phool. Botanical name: (Parmotrema perlatum)

Description & Use

Have you ever been to an Indian restaurant and thought, “This tastes so good, why can’t I achieve this flavour at home?” If so, you have probably just experienced dagar phool. Add a pinch to garam masala and use 2 teaspoons to 500g of chicken in a chicken curry or chicken Chettinad.

Produce of India packed in Australia.




Dagar Phool Recipes

Saag Paneer

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