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Index of Botanical and Common Names

Have you tried to find the botanical name of a herb or spice lately?   The Spice & Herb Bible 3rd Edition lists over 350 botanical names of various herbs and spices. To make it easy to find these, we have created a searchable PDF that shows: Every spice and herb in the Spice & Herb Bible 3rd Edition Botanical name/s as some plants

Book Tour

Here, there and everywhere!

We’ve been on the road travelling promoting the new Spice and Herb Bible and visiting the winners of our Social Media competition on Maleny, QLD and Rosebud, VIC. We also had a fantastic evening at 3 Weeds Rozelle which highlighted our new book and our product range. Head to our Facebook page to view images from these events and find out details about our final events for

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Herbie’s Spices Inner Circle fills a need in the community of cooks and food lovers for early-access & upcoming events to all those hard-to-find herbs and spices.

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