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Where do spices come from?

Most spices are grown in the tropical regions of the world, with some thriving in the cool misty highlands. Many of the seed spices come from more temperate areas, such as coriander seed, which is grown in Northern India, Africa and the wheat producing areas of South Australia and Western New South Wales.

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    Herbie's Spice Appreciation at Essential Ingredient, Surry Hills

    Herbie’s Spice Appreciation – with bonus Gin making kit PRESENTED BY THE COOKING SCHOOL AT THE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT SURRY HILLS About the class This is the comprehensive introduction to spices that almost needs no introductio...
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    Herbie’s Spice Appreciation at Essential Ingredient, Surry Hills

    October 26 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Herbie has long been the nickname of Ian Hemphill, one of Australia’s foremost culinary herb and spice experts.

Herbie spent his childhood surrounded by herbs and spices, when his parents, John and Rosemary Hemphill, were pioneering the herb and spice scene in the 1950s. Fifty years of working in the industry, including face-to-face lectures to groups from the general public, industrial brokering, manufacturing and marketing, has made Herbie a well-respected and popular figure amongst his peers, in Australia and overseas. He now enjoys sharing his extensive experience and knowledge with his customers at Herbie’s Spices.