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Creole Prawns with Fried Green Tomatoes

serves 4
45 mins

Super Smoothies

2 Serves
10 mins

Sri Lankan Beef Rib & Pumpkin Curry

4 Serves
3 h 40m

Pumpkin & Chermoula Hommous

8 Serves
55 mins

Kuwaiti Fish Stew

4 Serves
50 mins

Tandoori Chicken Salad with Nigella Flatbread & Pickled Cucumber

4 Serves
21 mins

Asparagus & Pink Peppercorn Soup

4 serves
20 mins

Creamy Umami Chicken & Mushrooms

4 Serves
45 mins

Indian Cauliflower & Carrot Salad

6 Serves
40 mins

Chermoula Celeriac Steak with Mint & Hazelnut Pesto

2 Serves
4 hours 10 mins

Cardamom & Cashew Granola

10 Serves
40 mins

Hanoi Style Turmeric Fish

4 Serves
30 mins
Recipes written by
Kate Hemphill

Share the ultimate
spice experience

Australian cooks are some of the most adventurous in the world. Herbie’s spice kits have the freshness and charm to spice up your cooking and make sure your dishes are full of flavour and interest.

Please Note.
Pictured are "tester jars" we use to smell and see the ultimate spice experience in the Spicery. These jars and are not used for packaging.

Experts in spice

Herbie spent his childhood surrounded by herbs and spices, when his parents, John and Rosemary Hemphill, were pioneering the herb and spice scene in the 1950s.

Fifty years of working in the industry, including face-to-face lectures to groups from the general public, industrial brokering, manufacturing and marketing, has made Herbie a well-respected and popular figure amongst his peers, in Australia and overseas.

He now enjoys sharing his extensive experience and knowledge with his customers at Herbie’s Spices.

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Herbie's Blog

Herbie’s Newsletter – Winter 2022

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us …..  on 7th July this year we celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the opening of Herbie’s Spices.  When we opened the doors of our little shop in the chilli-red terrace in Rozelle, little did we know that it would become a destination for local, interstate and international cooks and foodies.  Our business plan all those years

Behind the Scenes

Peppercorns – What’s Your Favourite?

When we think of peppercorns, it is easy to think of them in terms of black pepper, and well, is black pepper just black pepper? More about white pepper and other pepper varieties later, for now we want to tell you about the different black peppercorns, and the nuances in aroma and taste each type has. Pepper vines are a particularly attractive sight in

Latest News

Herbie’s Newsletter Autumn 2022

We took a break over the Christmas/New Year period, and arrived home, tired and jet-lagged, to a mostly empty fridge.  It was definitely a moment to appreciate our hero spice mix, Lentil and Dhal Spice, which pulled together a delicious, easy meal using pantry staples and surviving silverbeet in the pot outside our kitchen door.  What did we eat? This: SPICED RED LENTIL AND

Behind the Scenes

Nigella – ‘The Spice That is’!

Cooks are discovering a culinary seed spice that believe it or not has been ubiquitous for many years. Those little black seeds we see on Turkish bread, are more often than not nigella seeds! The nigella of culinary use is an erect annual, a member of the buttercup family and close relative to the decorative plant that is known as ‘love-in-a-mist’ (N. damascena). Nigella

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