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Make A Bespoke Gin with this 2 Box Set



Make your own Gin with this 2 box collection of spices! Making your own bespoke gin can be fun and satisfying if you have the right botanicals.

So many people have enjoyed Herbie’s Spices Ginspiration Spice Kit, that we decided to add another group of botanicals which, when combined with a vodka of your choosing, is a great way to continue your gin journey of taste exploration.

Main Ginspiration box contains:

Extra botanicals in the Ginspiration Plus box are:

To augment and accompany your Ginspiration Kit, these extra ingredients, will give you more opportunity to tailor your gin to the seasons and to your individual taste preferences.

Commercial gin-making involves extracting the botanicals into a clear solution, however for home production, the flavours are extracted by infusion in Vodka. This results in some colour infusing into your liquor.

You will need some of the spices from your original Ginspiration Kit as well as the extras provided here. An extra pack of Juniper Berries is included for your convenience.

First, make your mix (blending options are enclosed as a guide) using the botanicals enclosed in Ginspiration and Ginspiration Plus.

Tips: Spices in kit will make 2 batches with some spices left over for more experiments!

  • For a stronger flavour, infuse for up to 5 days.
  • Experiment with your own ratios of botanicals.
  • Consume responsibly.




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