Low Sodium Options

We have created a special tangy spice mix to be used as a tasty low sodium option.

In response to customers telling us that many so-called herb and vegetable salts still contained added salt, and were not suitable for anyone on a salt-free diet, we got to work making a spice blend that would have no added salt, yet be tangy and satisfying.

As flavour balance was the primary goal, we blended sweet Hungarian paprika, amchur (green mango powder), onion powder, black lime powder, powdered bay leaves and freeze-dried ginger powder.

We tried it out on poached eggs, chicken, red meats and seafood. We sprinkled it on at both the beginning and end of cooking, just the way you would with salt. It was delicious, even if we do say so ourselves!

The challenge was to then come up with a suitable name. Our US distributor in California suggested “Zalt” because the name Zalt is derived from “Azalai”, which was a salt caravan route followed by Tuareg traders in the Sahara, between Timbuktu and the Taoudenni salt mine.

We loved the name, so we’ve called it Zalt – “It’s Not Salt”

The sodium content is 24mg per 100g, which is less than many herbs, spices and vegetables on their own!
Use Zalt instead of salt for a bright tangy flavour. It will put life and tastiness into salt-free food.