Low Calorie Eating Made Easy

Reducing Your Calorie Intake with a Touch of Spice

In response to a number of Herbie’s Spices customers opting for healthier food choices, including those that are lower in calories, Kate Hemphill, daughter of Ian “Herbie’’ Hemphill and recipe contributor to the Spice & Herb Bible, has created a new selection of low calorie recipes. Ian’s wife Liz has worked her magic into a spice kit that will encourage people to explore the option of using spices as a healthier alternate to flavoring their meals. The Low Calorie Spice Kit is the result and is now available in-store and online.


Low Cal Spice KitMany people tend to look for alternatives such as sauces or oils to enhance the flavours of their foods. This can lead to many people consuming excess calories which may exceed the appropriate daily intake level.

It’s not necessary to be on any sort of diet to have a desire to eat more healthily, lose a little weight, feel fitter and more in control of your body. This dazzling array of varied recipes are bursting with freshness and will satisfy and nourish you.

There are low calorie herb and spice alternatives that Herbie suggests in flavouring some of his favourite recipes, which are included in the new Low Calorie Spice Kit such as;

Even Herbie was surprised to discover after only a few weeks how easy it was to have two low calorie (no more than 500cal) meals a week, he’d lost weight and strangely he now even looks forward to those lighter days.

So not only is it in your best interest to consider your calorie intake, by introducing herbs and spices into your repertoire, but you may discover new taste sensations as well!