Herbie’s Favourites Spice Kit




When you’re surrounded by spices for most of your life, you’re bound to want spices with practically every meal, and the wonderful flavour that spices and herbs impart becomes absolutely essential. In this collection, Herbie has put together a selection of his favourite spice blends. These are spice mixes Herbie has developed as a result of being inspired by food experiences from around the world.

The spice blends in this selection are created by Herbie and contain no fillers or starches of any kind, so the flavours are rich and true. You will find that you actually need less of Herbie’s spice blends than most others you may have used in the past, and because they are not heavily salted, you may need to add a little extra salt to taste.

Spice Kit Contains:

All packs have easy to follow recipes on the label.

Packed in a spicy, turmeric-coloured box.




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