Kuwaiti Fish Stew

Print @herbiesspices Making this at home? Don’t forget to tag us! @herbiesspices, use the hashtag #herbiesspices Share Print Pin Kuwaiti Fish Stew On one of their many trips to India Herbie & Liz met a couple from Kuwait, Bader & Sue, who shared this family recipe with them.  The dried black lime (loomi), has a highly aromatic and piquant flavour that complements slow cooked dishes


Za’atar, (often spelled zaatar, zartar, zatar) is a Middle Eastern spice blend that is used to flavour breads, and to season dishes in much the same manner as Mixed Herbs are used in Western cooking. The term Za’atar tends to create some confusion in the marketplace, as this Arabic word is used in many Middle Eastern countries to describe both the herb thyme, and

Pepper and Salt

In India, Pepper is the King of Spices and Cardamom the Queen! Recipes say "Season to taste" and people ask "With what?" Answer: to season always means with salt. We were visited by a lovely customer, David. David wanted to know what are the best peppercorns, and all the food shops he visited told him that they had all kinds of salt, but "Yeah,

Herbie’s Kitchen April Recipes

LATEST RECIPES FROM KATE AT HERBIE'S KITCHEN   Welcome to the March recipe newsletter, with our favourite recipes for a spice-filled Easter.  For those off on a camping or self-catering adventure, check out our Happy Campers Spice Kit for some spicy shortcuts and holiday recipes and ideas.  You can see all the Easter category recipes HERE.     EASTER BREAKFAST PUDDING This take on

Herbie’s Kitchen April Recipes

Welcome to the April Recipe Newsletter.  This month we are cooking with a wonderful selection of Australian Native Spices, Herbs & Blends.  It's great to see First Nations ingredients becoming part of the every day in Australian households and I hope you enjoy the recipes below. If you are new to cooking with Native Spices, try our TRUE BLUE kit, with 5 packs of

Embrace Flavour

Since we started Herbie’s Spices 26 years ago we have developed hundreds of recipes to put on the back of packs, include in spice kits and add to our website. Therefore, unless you have purchased every spice pack, spice kit, and read every quarterly newsletter, you probably don’t have ready access to them. Since a customer asked us if we could collect most of


Herbie’s Kitchen May Recipes

Welcome to the May Recipe Newsletter.  This month we are cooking with a host of new Italian Blends to the Herbie's range.  We now have a Garlic Bread Spice Mix, Bolognese Seasoning, Risotto Spice Blend and Pizza Sauce Mix.  This was enough to inspire us to create the ULTIMATE ITALIAN SPICE KIT, with these great blends, and Fennel Seeds and Chilli Flakes to round

Herbie’s Kitchen June Recipes

With the much cooler weather we are enjoying curries even  more than usual (which is A LOT).  We have a huge range of Curry Blends, Spices, Recipes and Kits that span the large region of Asia and the wide varieties of curries you'll find.  From a coconut laden and fragrant Thai curry to a rich, deep and earthy North Indian curry, we have you covered.

Festive Recipes

Festive RecipesExplore All Gin & Lemon Pepper Gravadlax Serves 8-10 Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 3 days Herby Hasselback Potatoes Serves 6 Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 60 mins Cardamom Rocky Road Makes 20-25 pieces Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 1 hour chilling time Christmas Pavlova with Spiced Syrup Serves 8 Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 1 hour 30 mins

Barbecue Spice Kit

Six premium spice blends specially designed for barbecues, with 8 great recipes – ochre box

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