Barbecue Spice Kit




Nothing is more quintessentially Australian as the backyard Barbie. Enjoying the company of friends while lunch or dinner sizzles on the hotplate or griddle is what the weekend is all about. Extend the experience to American-style slow-cook broils and brick oven roasts.

The spice blends and recipes in this kit will stimulate your barbecue enjoyment with delicious flavours and aromas. But recipes are hardly necessary – nothing could be simpler: select your meat, your choice of spice rub, and cook. Don’t be afraid to mix and match spice mixes and recipes. Enjoy!

 Spice Kit Contains:

With additional recipes for:

  • Barbecued Vegetables
  • Balmain Bikies (fish)
  • Smokey BBQ Chicken
  • Moroccan Lamb Cutlets
  • Southern Grilled Chicken
  • Barbie Garlic Bread
  • Slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder
  • Bill’s Broccoli ‘Steaks’
  • Pumpkin and Chickpea Salad
  • Native Spiced Beef, Mushroom and Haloumi Skewers




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