Take Five Spice Kit

Five of our best-sellers, five stylish new recipes, plus the five recipes on the backs of the packs.  


NEWSLETTER: Autumn 2007

Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle Lemongrass is an ingredient which lends authenticity and fresh flavour to many of our favourite south-east Asian foods. In that case, why would we make a decision to delete lemongrass from our range at Herbie’s Spices? Well, it’s a sad fact that lemongrass just doesn’t dry very well. We originally had a dried lemongrass that was finely chopped pieces from the green

NEWSLETTER: September – October 1997

Everyone talks about job satisfaction and its importance in relation to the contentment and well-being of the worker. We at Herbie’s Spices must be the most contented and well of all, because we’re lucky enough to be doing exactly what makes us happy and we’re able to say it’s our job! The response to Herbie’s spice shop has been overwhelming positive, and people tell

Panch Phora

An Indian version of ‘5 spices’, panch phora adds flavour to curries & indian recipes.


Persian Spice Kit

Six authentic Persian recipes with eight spices and blends in an exotic purple coloured box.  Contains: Black Limes, Baharat, Barberries, Turmeric, Persian spice Mix, Fenugreek Leaves, Rose Petals and shish Kebab Spice Mix.


Comfort Food Spice Kit

Eight spices and blends with great recipes for those who need a little comfort food in tough times – blue box. Contains: Rosemary ground, Pork Spice, Mixed Spice, Baharat spice mix, Tagine mix, Smoked Paprika, Sambar Spice mix and Thyme.


Mace Blade Pieces

Pieces of unground mace are referred to in recipes as ‘blade mace’.


Orris Root Powder

Although often used in fragrances and cosmetics, orris is also included in recipes.


Vegetarian Spice Kit

Seven spices and blends with six stunning recipes for those who prefer vegetarian – in a blue box. Contains: Barberries, Persian Spice mix, Brazilian Spice mix, Sumac, Sambar mix, Lentil and Dhal spice, Tunisian spice.


Fennel Seed Whole

Dry roast and add to curries, satay sauces and many Indian & Asian recipes.


Modern Middle-Eastern Spice Kit

A kit of 7 unique Herbie’s spices and blends (Smoked Paprika, Sumac, Aleppo Pepper, Za’atar, Baharat, Black Lime Powder, and Barberries) with recipes included for making Fattoush, Barley Risotto with Leafy Greens, White Bean, Barberry and Fennel Salad, Marinated Haloumi, Zucchini Fritters with Yoghurt Sauce, Carrot Dip, Za’atar Crisps, Warm Eggplant Salad and Roasted Cauliflower, Nuts and Grains.

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