Embrace Flavour

A collection of timeless recipes by Liz & Kate Hemphill



Since we started Herbie’s Spices 26 years ago we have developed hundreds of recipes to put on the back of packs, include in spice kits and add to our website. Therefore, unless you have purchased every spice pack, spice kit, and read every quarterly newsletter, you probably don’t have ready access to them.

Since a customer asked us if we could collect most of these recipes and put them in a book, we decided to act on the suggestion and this recipe book, titled EMBRACE FLAVOUR is now available with over 150 delicious and easy to make recipes developed by Liz and Kate Hemphill.

This is simply a user friendly recipe book without glossy pictures and fancy food styling. If you need pictures for inspiration, drool over Kate’s recipes on our website!

Naturally all the recipes were developed using our herbs, spices and all natural spice blends. Because spices and spice blends are so versatile, many of the recipes will also list spices and blends that will work beautifully as alternatives to the ones in a recipe.

These recipes will keep you going on a wonderful spice adventure, and help you make great natural ingredients incredibly tasty for your regular meals.



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