Stars & Stripes Spice Kit

The United States of America has a lot more to its food than pizza, burgers and fries.  With a rich history of many colonial influences, including French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Irish and English, the food is born of many origins.


Super Salt-free Spice Kit

At last, a selection of spices for making salt-free and low-salt meals tasty and interesting – in an ochre box.  Contains:  Panch Phora, Ras el Hanout, Chinese Five Spice, Amok Cambodian spice, Black Lime powder and Masaman Curry mix.


Cook’s Vacation Spice Kit

These tasty, all-natural blends are designed to make life easy so that the cook in your family can safely leave meal preparation to other members of the family.


Baby And Toddler Spice Kit

Five gentle spices, not Posh and definitely not Scary, to introduce baby to the wonderful world of flavour. Contains: Fragrant Sweet Spice, Mild Curry, Smoked Paprika, Thyme and Fish Cake Spice Mix.


NEWSLETTER: Summer 2004/2005

Spices from Bhutan About a year ago, we met a group of representatives from the small kingdom of Bhutan and agreed to assist them with the marketing of their spice crops. It is a landlocked country, bordered on the northern side by Mongolia and on the other three sides by India. To help you place this tiny kingdom on your mental map, picture Nepal

NEWSLETTER: Summer 2006/2007

New Book – Spice Notes and Recipes Proving that he has extraordinary time management skills, Ian “Herbie” Hemphill has found time to upgrade and enhance his classic book Spice Notes, which has just reincarnated as Spice Notes and Recipes. With a 50% increase in the word-count, and over 80 recipes, many of them created by Ian’s daughter, Kate, this new hard-cover book also covers

NEWSLETTER: October – November 1998

We’ve had a suggestion that we should give a little more guidance on how to use some of the spices, so we’ll keep that in mind and try to include a few in each Newsletter. Spicy Delema – a Guide There’s a little confusion about cinnamon and cassia – how they are similar, and what makes them different. Botanically, they are “cousins”, with the

Middle Eastern Spice Flavours

Spices are important ingredients in making the diverse tastes of Middle Eastern cuisine available to us all. Over the past few years there has been a resurgence in our love for Middle Eastern food. More than ever before, Turkish food is booming in Australia. The fresh and lively flavours delight our taste buds, and nourish without being heavy. Authors such as Yotam Ottolenghi with

Tamarind: A History and Insight

Tamarind is one of the most popular sourcing agents in Indian and Asian cooking. Read on to learn more about how it can add value to your dishes.


Rose Water

Rose petals are infused to make this aromatic water for Middle Eastern recipes.

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