Hanoi Style Turmeric Fish

Print @herbiesspices Making this at home? Don’t forget to tag us! @herbiesspices, use the hashtag #herbiesspices Share Print Pin Hanoi Style Turmeric Fish This heady mix of turmeric, dill, fish paste, chilli & lime is a true feast for the senses. Hailing from Hanoi, this Vietnamese classic, known as Cha Ca La Vong, never fails to please. We used our Herbie’s Golden Grill with Turmeric for

Kuwaiti Fish Stew

Print @herbiesspices Making this at home? Don’t forget to tag us! @herbiesspices, use the hashtag #herbiesspices Share Print Pin Kuwaiti Fish Stew On one of their many trips to India Herbie & Liz met a couple from Kuwait, Bader & Sue, who shared this family recipe with them.  The dried black lime (loomi), has a highly aromatic and piquant flavour that complements slow cooked dishes

Turmeric Explained

Turmeric is receiving worldwide interest, due to the many health-giving properties being debated by scientists, and natural health practitioners. Whatever you believe about turmeric (and a Google search will give you lots of pros and cons), we believe it is a wonderful spice, and one that can be enjoyed culinarily in many different ways. We are not health practitioners, as our expertise relates only

Golden Grill With Turmeric

Simply coat both sides of your meat with this healthy blend, and grill or pan-fry. Add extra salt to taste.


Turmeric Explained

Turmeric is a member of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae) and grows from a rhizome (the part of the root system that grows off the primary tuber) like ginger, galangal and kenchur. After harvesting, the rhizomes are boiled to denature them so they don’t sprout, and to gelatinise the starches and even out the colour distribution. These are then dried to become what are referred to

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