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Tarragon Leaves Cut




True French tarragon is added to sauces, chicken dishes and stuffings.

Other Common Names

Estragon, French Tarragon, True Tarragon. Botanical Name: (Artemesia dracunculus)

Description & Use

French Tarragon has a tart, licorice-like aroma and distinct appetite-pleasing taste, which has made it a popular herb in French and European cuisine.

Herbie’s Spices Tarragon is the true French strain, whereas other varieties lack the fresh, anise-like notes, and can be quite bitter. Use in white sauces, egg dishes and in stuffing for poultry.

Produce of Germany packed in Australia.



Nutritional Information
Per 100g
Energy (kj) 1236
Protein (g) 22.77
Fat (g) Total 7.24
Fat (g) Saturated 50.22
Carbohydrate (g) 7.4
Sodium (mg) 62
Potassium (mg) 3020

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