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Indian Bay Leaves (Tejpat)


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The leaves of the cinnamon tree are often called Indian Bay Leaves.

Other Common Names

Tejpat, Cinnamon Leaves. Botanical Names: (Cinnamomum tamala or C. zeylanicum)

Description & Use

These Indian Bay Leaves are quite different to the European bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) and are actually leaves from a type of cinnamon tree. The flavour is distinctly clove-like, slightly spicy and refreshing. Indian bay leaves are added to Indian and Asian curries in the same way as European bay leaves are put into stews and soups. When recipes call for Indian bay leaves or Tejpat, do not substitute them with European bay leaves, as the flavour will not be correct for the recipe.

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Indian Bay Leaves (Tejpat) Recipes

Baked Plums with Indian Bay Leaf & Pistachio Praline

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