Pepper and Salt, a Symbiotic Relationship?

In India, Pepper is the King of Spices and Cardamom the Queen! Recipes say "Season to taste" and people ask "With what?" Answer: to season always means with salt. We were visited by a lovely customer, David. David wanted to know what are the best peppercorns, and all the food shops he visited told him that they had all kinds of salt, but "Yeah,

Kuwaiti Fish Stew

Print @herbiesspices Making this at home? Don’t forget to tag us! @herbiesspices, use the hashtag #herbiesspices Share Print Pin Kuwaiti Fish Stew On one of their many trips to India Herbie & Liz met a couple from Kuwait, Bader & Sue, who shared this family recipe with them.  The dried black lime (loomi), has a highly aromatic and piquant flavour that complements slow cooked dishes

Aleppo Pepper

A fruity flavoured mild chilli flake from Turkey. (SML PKT)


Salt & Pepper Squid

A delicious blend of prickly ash, spices and salt for traditional salt and pepper squid.


Pepper Long Whole

These 2cm long pepper spikes are most unusual and have a musk-like aroma.


Pepper Cubeb Whole

Also known as ‘tailed pepper’, cubeb has a juniper-like taste.

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