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Pepperer’s Guild Spice Kit

In Wood Gift Box



In 1180, during the reign of Henry II, a Pepperer’s Guild of wholesale merchants was established in London. It became the Grocer’s Company in 1429, and was granted a charter by Henry VI to sell wholesale, or ‘vendre en gros’, from which the term ‘grocer’ derives.

A selection of special and exotic peppercorns for the pepper enthusiast, all in glass jars with compound metal lids, in an attractive pine box with a perspex lid. Detailed information sheet included.

Dimensions of pine box: 10cm high x 20cm wide x 24cm deep.  Dimensions of each Jar: 7.5cm high x 5.3cm wide.

The Sturdy Wood Box Contains:

  • Melange of Pepper: A special blend of peppercorns used in European cooking.
  • Tellicherry Pepper (TGSEB): These Tellicherry, Garbled, Special, Extra Bold peppercorns are from south India.
  • Sichuan Pepper: The seed pods from the prickly ash tree, traditionally used in Chinese recipes and essential for a great salt & pepper squid.
  • Tasmanian Pepper: Australian native pepperberries from Tasmannia lanceolata, a very hot peppercorn that compliments game, red meats and rich food.
  • Kampot Pepper: A ripe-tasting, reddish black peppercorn from Cambodia.
  • Pink “Schinus” Pepper: berries from the Schinus terebinthifolius tree. Great in salad dressings, on pate and in casseroles. Not recommended for pepper mills as they tend to clog the mechanism.  Allergy Statement: Pink Peppercorns belong to the same botanical family as cashew trees.
  • Long Pepper: An aromatic pepper from Indonesia.
  • White Peppercorns: For a strong pepper heat without the flavour of black pepper.
  • Green Peppercorns: The unripe berry that has been boiled and dried to retain its colour and unique flavour.
  • Cubeb Pepper: Also known as tailed pepper, this has a pine-like refreshing flavour and pepper characteristics.
  • Australian Grown Pepper: This comes from a pepper farm in Silkwood, North Queensland.
  • Super Grade Pepper: This is the greatest of all peppercorns as it has been dried rapidly in a unique and completely natural process that yields a strong piperine flavour, the main compound that gives black pepper its flavour.

Imported and local produce packed in Australia. Pine Wood Box made in China.




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