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NEW- Aleppo Pepper
New to Herbie's Spices Description & Use:  Aleppo Pepper is a highly desirable variety of chilli, popular for its warm, fruity flavour and mild chilli bite. The warm fruity flavour and mild chilli heat of Aleppo Pepper makes this unique spice a versatile addition to most savoury dishes....
NEW- Lemon Thyme
New to Herbie's Spices Premium grade lemon thyme grown in Australia. Other Common Names: Lemon Thyme. Botanical Name: (Thymus citriodorus) Description and Use: Lemon thyme is a member of the same family as one of the best known of culinary herbs, thyme. Lemon thyme has a strong, lemon and...
Spice & Herb Bible
The Spice & Herb Bible second edition is the master work from Australia's premier spice expert, Ian (Herbie) Hemphill.Price : $55.00

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DINNER FOR TWO Spice Kit: $35.00


There are many reasons for celebrating a twosome: an engagement, moving in together, or maybe the youngest offspring has left home, leaving parents alone together.

This special Herbie's Spices Dinner For Two spice kit has recipes for three menus for couples - a picnic, a prepare-together meal, and a prepare-ahead special meal for two. Contains 7 spices and blends: Dukkah, Star Anise Ground, Ras el Hanout, Chai Spice, Herbs de Provence, Sumac and Shichimi Togarashi all packed in a romantic red box.

A PICNIC FOR TWO: Quail's Eggs with Dukkah, Pissaladiere, Fattoush, Spiced Brownies.

A PREPARE-TOGETHER DINNER FOR TWO: Sesame Tuna Sachimi, Moroccan Chicken Bastilla, Chai Panna Cotta with Tea Granita.

A PREPARE-AHEAD DINNER FOR TWO: Kale Crisps, Provencale Chicken, Chocolate Ice Cream with Spiced Wafer, Dukkah Date Sandwich with Cheese.