Cinnamon Quills Whole

Cinnamon quills from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) are added whole to dishes during cooking.


Cinnamon Facts

There are two spices commonly referred to as cinnamon. As many spice companies prefer not to name them correctly, confusion continues to prevail about what type of cinnamon consumers are actually purchasing. In this blog post we demystify the facts on cinnamon, so you can readily identify which one you have. May we start by saying these are both excellent spices when used appropriately,

Is Cassia Really Cinnamon?

Yes! Cassia is a variety of cinnamon as previously explained in our “Cinnamon Facts” Blog. Chinese cassia, Batavia or Indonesian cassia, and Saigon or Vietnamese cassia are harvested in a different manner from Sri Lankan cinnamon. Various cassia botanical names are (Cinnamomum cassia, C. burmannii, C. lourerii and C. tamala) and many years ago was called Saigon Cinnamon in the USA, and  Dutch Cinnamon, Baker’s Cinnamon, Bastard Cinnamon and

Cassia Bark Ground

A highly aromatic variety of the cinnamon family much favoured in baked goods.


Cinnamon Demystified

Have you ever been confused by the variation between brands of cinnamon? When many consumers buy products labelled as cinnamon, they often seem to vary greatly. Why is this so?  The answer is that there are two different types of cinnamon, and many brands do not label them correctly. One is Sri Lankan or Ceylon Cinnamon and the other is Cassia (also known as Baker’s Cinnamon, Dutch Cinnamon or

Cassia Bark Whole

Pieces of cassia bark flavour fruit desserts, Asian dishes and biryani.


NEWSLETTER: Winter 2000

Jaguar Awards for Excellence We are proud to tell you that since our last Newsletter, Herbie’s has been awarded one of the prestigious Jaguar Awards for Excellence, in association with Australian Gourmet Traveller. We were winners in the “Innovation in Produce” category, and it is a wonderful feeling to have our consistency and dedication to quality recognized and appreciated. The awards were presented at

Spice Facts and the Brilliance of Blending

We receive many questions about the world of spices, and in particular what makes a truly wonderful spice blend. The following article answers those questions, and we hope provides much more useful information. Spice Essentials In spices, we are fortunate enough to have a hobby that is also our passion, our business, and our livelihood … and it’s something that other people also find

NEWSLETTER: October – November 1998

We’ve had a suggestion that we should give a little more guidance on how to use some of the spices, so we’ll keep that in mind and try to include a few in each Newsletter. Spicy Delema – a Guide There’s a little confusion about cinnamon and cassia – how they are similar, and what makes them different. Botanically, they are “cousins”, with the

Kids In The Kitchen Spice Kit

A kit for adventurous cooks in the 8-14 age group – in a youthful blue box. Contains: Mixed Spice, Family-Friendly Stir-Fry spice, Fragrant Sweet Spice, Baharat, Za’atar, Mixed Herbs and Cardamom Seed ground.


Bush Tucker Rub

A unique blend of Australian native herbs and spices with Sri Lankan Cinnamon.

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