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These chillies are picked green and have a distinctive fresh chilli flavour. (SML PKT)


These jalapeno chillies (Capsicum annuum) are picked green and have a distinctive fresh flavour. (SML PKT) Other Common Chilli Names: Aji, Red Pepper. Botanical Names: Mild Chillies: (Capsicum annuum) Hot Chillies: (...

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URFA BIBER “Dark Red Pepper Flakes” 35g

A fruity flavoured mild chilli flake from Turkey. (SML PKT)


Other Common Names: Urfa Chilli Flakes, Pulbiber, Maresh Pepper, Urfer Biber, Urfa Biber (also known as Isot Pepper). Botanical Name: (Capsicum annuum) Description & Use: Urfa Biber comes from the same region as...

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One of the reddest chillies, ideal for tandoori cooking for spicyness and colour. (SML PKT)


A hot chilli that is crushed by hand in the Himalayas. (SML PKT) Other Common Names: Aji, Red Pepper, yellow pepper. Botanical Name:  (Capsicum annuum)  Description & Use: This hot, hand crushed chilli from the Himala...

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