Za’atar, (often spelled zaatar, zartar, zatar) is a Middle Eastern spice blend that is used to flavour breads, and to season dishes in much the same manner as Mixed Herbs are used in Western cooking. The term Za’atar tends to create some confusion in the marketplace, as this Arabic word is used in many Middle Eastern countries to describe both the herb thyme, and

Vanilla Extract

A very special premium grade Madagascar 2 folds vanilla extract.


Vanilla Bean Paste

Premium grade, all natural vanilla bean paste with raw sugar and lemon juice.


Vanilla Beans

These black, fragrant, pliable cured pods from Mexico flavour ice creams and desserts.


Where does vanilla come from?

Have you ever wondered where vanilla comes from? If so, let us take you on a fascinating journey to one of its sources – Mexico.


Why Herbie’s Vanilla Bean Paste?

For many years Herbie has been frustrated with the inability to source a really good Vanilla Bean Paste. Why is this so? Most vanilla bean pastes are made up of: spent vanilla (that’s the organic material left over after the process of making vanilla extract) sugar syrup various thickeners vanilla extract in alcohol added back in for flavour. These products contain a very small

Apricot Vanilla Delight

Print @herbiesspices Making this at home? Don’t forget to tag us! @herbiesspices, use the hashtag #herbiesspices Share Print Pin Apricot Vanilla Delight Make this classic snack without any added sugar or nasties – you’ll never buy it again!  Our Vanilla Powder will become a kitchen staple if you haven’t used it before.  It is made purely from ground premium grade vanilla beans and as

NEWSLETTER: February – March 1999

You can tell the new year is firmly established once you can write the date without making a mistake! We trust you had an enjoyable break over Christmas and are ready to face the new year with renewed energy. Kids in the Kitchen One of the lovely parts of Christmas is catching up with friends and their families, and we were interested to hear

NEWSLETTER: Spring 2013

Vanilla Products As winter fades into memory, we are reminded that life is sweet. Now sweet things, like salty things, are both good guys and bad guys in the dietary world, so the line we’re walking on this is moderation. As our grandparents would have said, a bit of what you fancy does you good. We have three new products for when you are

Spice Dust

The perfect topping for cappuccinos. hot chocolate, yoghurt and smoothies.

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