Persian Spice Kit




Persia has centered around modern-day Iran since the Iron Age, its cultural sphere has diffused through parts of Iraq, Afghanistan, its neighbouring post-Soviet republics (the “Stans”), and even into Turkey and India. The influence of Persian cuisine on the Medieval and Renaissance European culinary traditions cannot be overestimated (it is said that Persians invented the fork). Persian spice traders brought saffron to the Mediterranean. And long before the Genoese first ground together nuts and basil to make what we have come to call pesto, the Persians were doing it with mint, coriander, and dill to make stews served over rice and bread. Saffron, pomegranates, mint, dill, nuts, lamb, black limes, apricots, and barberries dominate Persian/Iranian cuisine. Its cornerstone dishes are grilled meats, rice, and slow-simmered stews. 

Spice Kit Contains:

With additional recipes for:

  • Lamb Shanks and Rice
  • Kookoo-yeh-sabzi (herb omelette)
  • Ghormeh Sebzi (slow cooked meat)
  • Black Olive and Parsley Salad
  • Koofteh Berenji (succulent meatballs with rice)
  • Zereshk Polo (barberry rice with chicken).




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