Fruity Sacks X 3pcs

Each Sack's Size: 35cm X 40cm



Reduce the number of plastic shopping bags you use by reusing your Fruity Sacks!

Card Contains: Three reusable fruit and vegetable shopping bags.

Other Common Names

Reusable shopping bags

Description & Use

Fruity Sacks, are reusable mesh polyester bags.  Yes, we know it’s not exactly a spice, but we all care about the environment, and a bundle of these in the bottom of your shopping bags will mean that you never again have to carry your fruit and vegetables home in flimsy plastic bags.  And to dry your home-grown bay leaves and other herbs, just pop them into a Fruity Sack, loop the drawstring over a hook or coat-hanger, and let it hang in a warm, dry space away from strong light.  Save the environment one plastic bag at a time, and dry your own herbs as well!

Bay Leaves Hanging up to Dry in a Fruity Sack











Fruity Sacks can even be used to protect your fruits & vegetables from insects!

Fruity Sack Protecting Tomato

Fruity Sacks are all polyester, machine washable – line dry, lightweight bags

Made in China.



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