Cook’s Vacation Spice Kit

In a Wood Tray



When holidays come around, we still expect to find meals ready when we are hungry.

This convenient Wooden Tray made in Australia holds all your Cook’s Vacation spices with room for lots of other Herbie’s Spices packs.

Dimensions of tray: Length 26cm X Width 23cm X Depth 8cm

These tasty, all-natural blends are designed to make life easy so that the cook in your family can safely leave meal preparation to other members of the family.

Each of the packs has a recipe on the back, and you can interchange the recipes with other spice blends to have an infinite variety of meals and flavours.

Spice Kit Contains:

With additional recipes for:

  • Mexican Baked Bean Potatoes
  • Meat on the Barbecue
  • Quick Cassoulet
  • Greek Salad
  • Healthy Quinoa and Pumpkin
  • Spiced Chicken Stew
  • Fried Rice with a Difference
  • Spicy Chicken Wings




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