Cook It Slow Spice Kit




When we put out a call on social media for ideas for a new spice kit, we had an overwhelming response to put together a selection of spice blends for slow cooking. This is the result of all those great suggestions; Herbie’s Cook it Slow Spice Kit!

There are multiple benefits to cooking meat slowly. Firstly, you can use cheaper cuts of meat, which become meltingly tender with a long, slow cook. And a gently purring oven over many hours warms your home whilst the aromas of your forthcoming dinner make your mouth water. Cook up a storm on the weekend, and have an effort-free week of delicious pre-cooked meals. Mix and match with different spice mixes – for instance, do the beans with Curry Mix, and the lamb shoulder with Baharat. Vive la difference!

Spice Kit Contains:

With additional recipes for:

  • Mexican Slow-Cooked Pork
  • Boeuf Bourginion
  • Slow-Cooked Beef Cheeks
  • Bean and Bacon Casserole
  • Chicken and Honey Tagine
  • Spicy Chicken and Cauliflower
  • Lamb Shoulder with Feta and Olive Dressing
  • Osso Bucco, Moroccan Style.




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