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Melange Of Peppercorns




A blend of exotic peppers for slow-cooked dishes and to crush for seasoning meats.

Other Common Names

Peppercorn Mix, Six Peppers Blend.

Description & Use

During Herbie’s visit to the south of France in the spring of 2001, he was particularly interested to find an unusual blend of peppercorns being sold in the markets in Cavaillon (just north of Marseilles). Herbie has made his own melange of pepper blend, inspired by the produce he saw. This fragrant, lightly-spiced, tasty blend is made up of six different types of pepper.

  • Black and white Sarawak peppercorns for the traditional aroma and heat of pepper
  • Green, firm late-picked Indian peppercorns for their fresh taste
  • Chinese Sichuan pepper (fagara or prickly ash) for its tangy zing
  • Indonesian cubebs (tailed) pepper for their savoury juniper-like flavour
  • Schinus pink peppercorns (from Reunion) for their sweetness and delightful appearance.

The melange of pepper blend adds a wonderful full-bodied flavour to soups and casseroles, whether a teaspoonful or two is tossed in during cooking, or tied up in a muslin bag for later removal. One of Herbie’s favourites is to crush a tablespoonful of melange of pepper in a pestle and mortar, rub it onto white or red meats with a little salt and then pan-fry, grill or barbecue the meat. There is almost no limit to the number of ways it can be used, simply think of it as a very sophisticated and interesting pepper!

Blended and packed in Australia from imported ingredients.

Allergy Statement: Pink Peppercorns belong to the same botanical family as cashew trees.


Black Sarawak Peppercorns, White Sarawak Peppercorns, Pink (schinus) Pepper, Green Late-Picked Peppercorns, Sichuan Pepper, Cubeb Pepper

Heat Level



Nutritional Information
Per 100g
Energy (kj) 1113.68
Protein (g) 9.41
Fat (g) Total 3.84
Fat (g) Saturated 0.73
Carbohydrate (g) 59.09
Sugars (g) 39.7
Sodium (mg) 54.26

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