WATTLESEED Roasted and Ground 15g

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  1. NEWSLETTER: Summer 2004/2005

    Spices from Bhutan Spice Appreciation Classes on DVD Spice Kits for Christmas New Book – Spicery Spice Discovery Tour – 2005 Chocolate Wattleseed Biscuit Recipe Spices from Bhutan About a year ago, we met a group of representatives from the small kingdom of Bhutan and agreed to assist them with the marketing of their spice […]

  2. Substitute Ideas for Some Native Spices

    With Bush Tomato, Native Pepperberry and Wattleseed in short supply due to climatic conditions, here are some ideas that could be used as a *substitute for these unique flavours.   Bush Tomato (Akudjura): This spice has a caramel-like aroma and flavour with slightly bitter background notes reminiscent of baked Anzac biscuits. Mix these quantities of […]

  3. NEWSLETTER: Winter 2009

    What’s in a Name? Herbs and spices sometimes go by several different names, for example black cardamom/brown cardamom, nigella/kolonji, and grains of paradise/Saharan nutmeg. It happens with Australian natives, too, and a case in point is bush tomato, which only refers to the small whole fruit. When it’s ground, it goes by the name akudjura […]

  4. Spice Facts and the Brilliance of Blending

    We receive many questions about the world of spices, and in particular what makes a truly wonderful spice blend. The following article answers those questions, and we hope provides much more useful information. Spice Essentials In spices, we are fortunate enough to have a hobby that is also our passion, our business, and our livelihood […]


    These Australian native seeds when roasted have a savoury, pork-crackling-like flavour (SML PKT)

  6. NEWSLETTER: Spring 2000

    Well, it’s finally arrived . Spice Notes – A Cook’s Compendium of Herbs & Spices by Ian Hemphill (aka Herbie) will be in the bookstores, and of course in the Herbie’s Spices store, from 4th October. Five hundred pages of trustworthy and reliable information, this is a soundly researched, fascinating book, stunningly presented with a […]

  7. NEWSLETTER: September – October 1997

    Chicken Hanout Gentlemen, start your spices The gift of spice A spice by any other name Everyone talks about job satisfaction and its importance in relation to the contentment and well-being of the worker. We at Herbie’s Spices must be the most contented and well of all, because we’re lucky enough to be doing exactly […]


    NEWSLETTER                                                      WINTER 2018 This time last year, we were considering another visit to India, after several years’ break from taking groups to that wonderful, ever-stimulating continent. Well, it happened, it was great fun, and we’re back. Highlights must include the hair-raising cycle-rickshaw ride through the old town of Varanasi; the vibrant, thrilling Holi day […]