NEWSLETTER: Winter 2013

Food Quality in Australia Have you been finding pantry moths a pest at your house? These pesky little creatures seem to appear like magic: what is perfectly silky-smooth flour one day transforms into a webby moth habitat in the blink of an eye, even when totally airtight! We all ask ourselves how this can happen, and as it turns out, we have only ourselves

Turmeric Explained

Turmeric is a member of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae) and grows from a rhizome (the part of the root system that grows off the primary tuber) like ginger, galangal and kenchur. After harvesting, the rhizomes are boiled to denature them so they don’t sprout, and to gelatinise the starches and even out the colour distribution. These are then dried to become what are referred to

Cinnamon Facts

There are two spices commonly referred to as cinnamon. As many spice companies prefer not to name them correctly, confusion continues to prevail about what type of cinnamon consumers are actually purchasing. In this blog post we demystify the facts on cinnamon, so you can readily identify which one you have. May we start by saying these are both excellent spices when used appropriately,

NEWSLETTER: Winter 2001

It’s the Season for Snuggling Up It’s the season for snuggling up, sipping hot chocolate by the fire, hot water bottles and all that. (Those of you in the tropics will have to use your imagination!) The nice thing about winter is that all those delicious, comforting casseroles, curries, tagines and stews not only warm you on the inside, but the oven warms your

Herbie’s Spices Newsletter – Autumn 2021

We trust that you have all survived Australia’s quiet introduction to the new year. Isn’t it wonderful that, in times of trial and frustration, cooking, eating and sharing bring such consolation? For those of us separated from our loved ones by insurmountable obstacles, we can be encouraged by improving conditions this year.


Herbie’s Newsletter Summer 2020-2021

A world-wide annus horribilis is drawing to a close, and all we want for Christmas is a better year ahead. For many, time spent in confinement has been a time for reflection, communicating with loved ones, and cooking up a storm.


Low Calorie Eating Made Easy

Reducing Your Calorie Intake with a Touch of Spice In response to a number of Herbie’s Spices customers opting for healthier food choices, including those that are lower in calories, Kate Hemphill, daughter of Ian “Herbie’’ Hemphill and recipe contributor to the Spice & Herb Bible, has created a new selection of low calorie recipes. Ian’s wife Liz has worked her magic into a

Mastic Update

We have recently noticed an increase in awareness of mastic as an ingredient, so have decided to share some previous information to help demystify this fascinating and useful spice. Mastic is the name given to the resinous gum that exudes from the scored bark of the Gum Mastic Tree. There are many varieties of mastic trees (Pistacia lentiscus) in the Mediterranean and Middle East, yet most

NEWSLETTER: Summer 2014/2015

The Spice and Herb Bible – 3rd Edition Ta Daaah! The latest edition of Ian’s hugely successful book has arrived on our shores! Here’s the story in case you find the name change confusing:Spice Notes (Australia) was published in Canada as The Spice and Herb Bible. Spice Notes and Recipes (Australia) was The Spice and Herb Bible – 2nd Edition. As Spice Notes and

Newsletter Winter 2016

So, the store in Rozelle has closed its doors and the sky hasn’t fallen in.  In the last few weeks of trading, we had many of our dear, long-standing and familiar customers popping in for a chat and to wish us well … all quite emotional!  However, everything went to plan and we know local customers are already very happy with the complete range

Barramundi & Broccoli Fish Cakes

Print @herbiesspices Making this at home? Don’t forget to tag us! @herbiesspices, use the hashtag #herbiesspices Share Print Pin Barramundi & Broccoli Fish Cakes Our Fish Cake Spice Mix is a tangy combo of coriander, sumac fennel, mace, ginger, lemon myrtle, dill, parsley and Australian native pepperberry,  The blend makes whipping up fish cakes a breeze, and not to mention extremely tasty.  You can easily

Winter Wellness Salad

Print @herbiesspices Making this at home? Don’t forget to tag us! @herbiesspices, use the hashtag #herbiesspices Share Print Pin Winter Wellness Salad This nourishing bowl is full of flavour and added goodness from our Spice Tonic Blend, which we normally have with hot water and lemon, or fruit juice in the morning.  However this mix of turmeric, beetroot, paprika, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and more

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