Exotic Eton Mess

Cuisine: Middle Eastern/British

Prep time:

Serves: 8

The festive season will be here before we know it, and having quick and delicious dessert recipes up your sleeve is essential. We’ve given the classic eton mess a middle eastern twist with rosewater, rose petals, pomegranate and sumac. Sumac pairs wonderfully with fruit, given the high content of malic acid (what you find in green apples) it contains – try adding to your morning berries and yoghurt.


  1. Whip creams and yoghurt until soft peaks form. Crumble in the meringue and fold through berries.
  2. Place in a large serving bowl and top with pomegranate seeds, rose petals and sumac.
  3. Eat within 30 minutes or meringue will dissolve!