NEWSLETTER: April – May 1998

April 01, 1998 posted in Newsletters

Mother of all Spice Kits Our very best wishes for a safe and happy Easter! Mother’s Day is looming, and we’ve made a new Spice Kit especially for the occasion. This one is in a deep purple box, with a soft lilac ribbon giving it a feminine look. The recipes have been designed for cooks in the age group of about eight to fourteen,

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NEWSLETTER: February – March 1998

February 01, 1998 posted in Newsletters

Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for all the positive reports about the sumach – we’re glad you enjoyed it. While the rest of you were holidaying, we at Herbie’s have been working on an itinerary for a Herbie’s Spice Discovery Tour, which will involve two weeks in India, in January 1999. We’ll be looking at the growing, harvesting and processing of spices,

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NEWSLETTER: December 1997 – January 1998

December 01, 1997 posted in Newsletters

‘Tis the season to be jolly, also the season to make cakes and puddings and cocktail foods for Christmas parties. It’s the time for gift-giving as well, and we hope you enjoy the little gift we have popped in for you with this Newsletter. Sumach Time Now You may not have heard of sumach (sometimes called sumac) but rest assured, we’re not trying to

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NEWSLETTER: September – October 1997

September 01, 1997 posted in Newsletters

Everyone talks about job satisfaction and its importance in relation to the contentment and well-being of the worker. We at Herbie’s Spices must be the most contented and well of all, because we’re lucky enough to be doing exactly what makes us happy and we’re able to say it’s our job! The response to Herbie’s spice shop has been overwhelming positive, and people tell

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NEWSLETTER: July – August 1997

July 01, 1997 posted in Newsletters

Hello! We are delighted to include you in our very first issue of Herbie’s News. Many of our customers have been surprised to find that there actually IS a Herbie – he’s also known as Ian Hemphill, one of Australia’s foremost culinary herb and spice experts. Because his parents John and Rosemary pioneered the herb and spice industry before and during Ian’s schooldays, the

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