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Alternative to Events Cancelled due to COVID-19 Restrictions

July 1 - December 31

The pandemic has not been kind to classes of any kind.  But we’ve found a solution that may appeal to you if you’re keen to know more about the spices you use.

As part of our mission to educate people about culinary herbs and spices, we have partnered with Restaurant and Catering Australia to provide a series of four on-line courses, plus a free introductory course.  On successful completion of a course, you earn a digital badge to certify that you have completed the course. You can display your badge on your CV, or Linkedin profile to add weight to your skills and competencies.

The information is directed at food professionals, however, many very involved home cooks will find this challenging and rewarding.  At a cost of $39.95 per course, it’s pretty good value!  Click on this for more information: https://edu.training.rca.asn.au/

These Courses are now available on the Restaurant and Catering Training Section:

Soon to come will be Cinnamon & Cassia, what really is the difference and why you need to know!

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July 1 - December 31

December 31

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