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Australian Native Spices

Lemon Myrtle Explained

Herbie tells you about one of the most useful Australian native herbs. Lemon Myrtle Leaves Lemon Myrtle Ground

Behind the Scenes

Juniper is For More Than Gin!

Juniper Berries are famous as the primary flavour contributor to gin, however they have many culinary uses that are becoming more appreciated as cooks become aware of their special attributes. Gin, the alcoholic drink that derives its unique flavour from juniper berries, is named from an adaptation of the Dutch word for juniper, jenever. Juniper berries take 2 to 3 years to mature. Initially they are


Middle Eastern Spice Flavours

Spices are important ingredients in making the diverse tastes of Middle Eastern cuisine available to us all. Over the past few years there has been a resurgence in our love for Middle Eastern food. More than ever before, Turkish food is booming in Australia. The fresh and lively flavours delight our taste buds, and nourish without being heavy. Authors such as Yotam Ottolenghi with

Behind the Scenes

Guntur Chilli Market, India

Herbie takes you on a tour of one of the biggest chilli markets in the world.

Behind the Scenes

Cardamom Auction in 1997

Herbie visited South India in 1997 and took this video of a traditional cardamom auction. The open outcry method you see here no longer exists, however the traditional farming methods remain.

Behind the Scenes

Pepper in South India

In 1997 Herbie and Liz spent a month in South India and recorded some fascinating pepper information.

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