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Know Your Cardamoms

Cardamom is featured in many recipes, however are you using the right one? Cardamom Green Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) is the most common and we refer to it as your ‘default’ cardamom when a recipe simply calls for ‘cardamom’. Green cardamom is native to the mountain ranges of the south western Indian state of Kerala, known as the western ghats, (ghat being the name given to steep

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Australian Grown Herbs

These Australian grown dried herbs have to be experienced to be believed. There is a common misconception that dried herbs are inferior to fresh. The reality is that dried herbs are different to fresh. When a herb is dried correctly, the moisture content is greatly reduced, and the volatile oils that give these herbs their flavours are concentrated, and remain stable when exposed to


Spring Salad Ideas

Spring Salad Ideas Spring is in the air, and what a great time of year it is to enjoy these great salad ideas. Greek Salad This classic Greek salad is a staple in every household and restaurant in Greece. When fasting, a salad heavy on low calorie lettuce is very satisfying. 100g cos lettuce, sliced into 2cm ribbons 1/2 (50g) Lebanese cucumber, quartered lengthways


Beetroot Powder as a Natural Colour

Beetroot Powder is surprisingly versatile Over the years many customers have asked us if there is an alternative to artificial red colour. Although strictly speaking not a spice, we decided to add this to our range for those cooks who like to have their Butter Chicken, Tandoori or Sweet and Sour Pork nice and red, but naturally. Beetroot powder does not have a strong flavour, and if anything

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Grinding Your Own Spices

We are often asked: “What is the best way to grind my own spices?" Grinding spices yourself can be extremely rewarding, especially if you do so with a mortar and pestle so the aromas waft up as you crush the contents. Spices vary so much in size, hardness, texture and oil content that it is almost impossible to find a domestic grinder, other than


Low Calorie Eating Made Easy

Reducing Your Calorie Intake with a Touch of Spice In response to a number of Herbie’s Spices customers opting for healthier food choices, including those that are lower in calories, Kate Hemphill, daughter of Ian “Herbie’’ Hemphill and recipe contributor to the Spice & Herb Bible, has created a new selection of low calorie recipes. Ian’s wife Liz has worked her magic into a

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What is Mastic?

Mastic is the name given to the resinous gum that exudes from the scored bark of the Gum Mastic Tree. There are many varieties of mastic trees (Pistacia lentiscus) in the Mediterranean and Middle East, yet most of the world’s production of gum mastic comes from the “Protected Designation of Origin” trees (P. lentiscus var. Chia) that grow on the Greek island of Chios. The name

Behind the Scenes

The Truth About Saffron

Saffron is the stigma (the female organ) of an autumn flowering crocus (Crocus sativus). The stamen is the male organ that holds pollen, and it has no use in cooking. Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice, with a street value on average of around A$20,000 per kilo. A double handful of saffron weighing about 1 kilo, will contain at least 200,000 stigmas. All these are

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