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10 Family Friendly Spice Blends

We’ve put together a list of 10 of our most popular spice blends that are family friendly, which of your favourites made the cut?


How Long Will My Spices Last in the Pantry?

We are often asked about how long spices will last, which is why we’re here with some tips about how to preserve the flavour of your spices.


Three New Spices from Herbie’s Spices to Try in 2017

PNG has a long history of growing chillies. We are proud to announce that two of these are now available, along with a very special ginger powder.

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Spice Classes & Conversations

Want to learn more about spices, their history and how to use them? View Upcoming Events on our website to see where Ian ‘Herbie’ Hemphill is giving a Spice Appreciation Class or engaging audiences in Spice Conversations. If you are looking for a hands-on experience, this special Spice Essentials with Ian and Kate at The Essential Ingredient should not be missed. Some of the aspects Ian will cover in

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Index of Botanical and Common Names

Have you tried to find the botanical name of a herb or spice lately?   The Spice & Herb Bible 3rd Edition lists over 350 botanical names of various herbs and spices. To make it easy to find these, we have created a searchable PDF that shows: Every spice and herb in the Spice & Herb Bible 3rd Edition Botanical name/s as some plants

Australian Native Spices

Climate Change & Spices

You may wonder why various spices, especially the Australian natives, are often in short supply or simply unavailable. The answer is simply climate change. Spices are agricultural commodities, and as such are affected by a number of factors. These include: The soil and climatic conditions where they are grown The expertise and experience of the growers The harvesting, post-harvest handling, cleaning and grading The


Herbie’s Caravan Breaks Camp

For the savvy cook and top flight chef – there has been one only place in Australia to source the best, freshest – and even the most unusual herbs and spices.  And that is Herbie’s Spices run by global herb and spice guru Ian “Herbie” Hemphill and his wife Liz. For the past 18.5 years this iconic red two story terrace on Sydney’s Darling Street Rozelle that

Behind the Scenes

What Herbie’s Means to You

You have visited our website because you are either an existing customer, or you are looking for a particular spice of exceptional quality. At Herbie’s Spices we have always taken pride in consistently keeping to our core strategic values that we inculcated when we opened our retail store in Rozelle on the 7th of July 1997. Those values are: To have the largest range

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Grains of Paradise

Although exotically named, this wild harvested member of the cardamom family has enjoyed renewed awareness as followers of West African cuisine, and boutique gin producers, discover its true potential.   The economy of Sierra Leone, a major exporter of Grains of Paradise, was devastated during the last ebola epidemic. Therefore we were pleased to hear from our supplier who advised us: "We also out here are

Behind the Scenes

Cinnamon Facts

There are two spices commonly referred to as cinnamon. As many spice companies prefer not to name them correctly, confusion continues to prevail about what type of cinnamon consumers are actually purchasing. In this blog post we demystify the facts on cinnamon, so you can readily identify which one you have. May we start by saying these are both excellent spices when used appropriately,


Spice Storage Options

At the beginning of 2015 we discussed shelf life and storage of spices. Our resealable zip-seal pouches are high barrier, and with the air squeezed out and resealed your spices will keep their flavour right up to the best before date on the label. Therefore, what is the best way to keep your Herbie’s Spices on the kitchen bench or in the pantry? Spice Storage

Behind the Scenes

What is Dagar Phool?

ALSO KNOWN AS DAGARFUL, IT IS THE MOST UNUSUAL FLAVOUR CONTRIBUTOR WE’VE SEEN IN YEARS! What would you think if we told you we’d come across a lichen traditionally used in the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu in South India, and that we simply love it? What we are referring to is the lichen known as Dagar Phool, or Dagarful (Parmotrema perlatum) which has an

Behind the Scenes

Kaffir (Makrut) Lime Leaves

Why are we calling these ‘Makrut” Lime Leaves these days? “What’s in a name?” For many years this tree has been called a kaffir lime tree, as the fruits are rough and seen as inferior. Kaffir was a term used to denote inferior persons in the former South Africa and other nations involved in the slave trade. In some Asian countries the term means “non-believer”. This word

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