What’s special about Mexican chillies?

Mexican chillies come in a range of varieties, from the mild to the spicy. Read on to find out more about the different types.

Australian Native Spices

Why did Herbie make a Balmain & Rozelle Spice?

Incorporating various spices and herbs from around the world, Herbie created Balmain & Rozelle Spice Blend in honour of this diverse suburb.


How Long Will My Spices Last in the Pantry?

We are often asked about how long spices will last, which is why we’re here with some tips about how to preserve the flavour of your spices.


Newsletter Autumn 2017

We hope you have all had a happy, safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.  Whether your holiday fare was traditional or cutting-edge, we trust that it was all deliciously spiced.  Forgetting about turkey this time, our centerpiece was the fabulous chicken salad with curry dressing that featured in the Summer Box of Ideas.  It was followed by Kate’s fantastic Christmas Pavlova with fig syrup.  You’ll


Three New Spices from Herbie’s Spices to Try in 2017

PNG has a long history of growing chillies. We are proud to announce that two of these are now available, along with a very special ginger powder.


Newsletter Summer 2016/2017

Cook's Vacation Summer is traditionally holiday time, although of course the business of feeding ourselves continues regardless of school holidays and days off from work.  The question is: how can the cook of the family get a break?  We’ve given it some thought, and the trusty barbecue seems the way to spread the load and minimize the effort. So, to make it as easy


Tamarind: A History and Insight

Tamarind is one of the most popular sourcing agents in Indian and Asian cooking. Read on to learn more about how it can add value to your dishes.

Australian Native Spices

Substitute Ideas for Some Native Spices

With Bush Tomato, Native Pepperberry and Wattleseed in short supply due to climatic conditions, here are some ideas that could be used as a *substitute for these unique flavours. Bush Tomato (Akudjura): This spice has a caramel-like aroma and flavour with slightly bitter background notes reminiscent of baked Anzac biscuits. Mix these quantities of ground spices together, then use at about half the quantity you would


Newsletter Spring 2016

Have you all enjoyed the Olympic experience this year?  Although not great sport addicts, we took the opportunity to celebrate South America in our own way, calling upon our Tempero Baino and Chimichurri spice mixes to take us, in an armchair kind of way, to all the excitement.  We’re quite addicted to the seafood stew on the back of the Tempero Baiano pack, ringing our own changes with

Behind the Scenes

Spice Classes & Conversations

Want to learn more about spices, their history and how to use them? View Upcoming Events on our website to see where Ian ‘Herbie’ Hemphill is giving a Spice Appreciation Class or engaging audiences in Spice Conversations. If you are looking for a hands-on experience, this special Spice Essentials with Ian and Kate at The Essential Ingredient should not be missed. Some of the aspects Ian will cover in

Behind the Scenes

Kashmir Saffron Harvest 2015

Herbie visited Pampore near Srinagar in Kashmir to see the first saffron flowers bloom in 2015 The famous Kashmiri Saffron is grown over many hectares in Pampore, not far from Srinagar in Kashmir. Click here to watch a video of Herbie's Experience Learn more about saffron and how to distinguish the real from the fake here.

Australian Native Spices

Climate Change & Spices

You may wonder why various spices, especially the Australian natives, are often in short supply or simply unavailable. The answer is simply climate change. Spices are agricultural commodities, and as such are affected by a number of factors. These include: The soil and climatic conditions where they are grown The expertise and experience of the growers The harvesting, post-harvest handling, cleaning and grading The


Low Sodium Options

We have created a special tangy spice mix to be used as a tasty low sodium option In response to customers telling us that many so-called herb and vegetable salts still contained added salt, and were not suitable for anyone on a salt-free diet, we got to work making a spice blend that would have no added salt, yet be tangy and satisfying. As

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